• Pros If you want to get this camo directly, then the mw3 camo boosting provided by U4GM will help you.

    Cons This sought-after camouflage pattern is not only a way to customize your weapons aesthetically but also a status symbol within the game's community.

    Description There are a large number of camos in COD MW3, which will provide players with unique firearms. In order to obtain more exquisite weapons in the game, many players choose to unlock in-game camouflage, such as Priceless Camo. Here's a comprehensive guide on how to obtain the Priceless Camo in COD MW3,...

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  • Pros Here's a rundown of the speculated weapons that have been making the rounds.

    Cons It's important to approach these rumors cautiously, as the game's developers have not officially confirmed them.

    Description The Call of Duty community is abuzz with rumors about the potential addition of new weapons to Modern Warfare 3. Leakers have purported a list of possible armaments that could make their way into the game shortly. While these rumors should be taken with a grain of salt, they have certainly piqued th...

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